Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Just returned from the Cock/Cox reunion in Meadows of Dan, VA.  Meadows of Dan sits right on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway at Milepost 177.7, just down the road from the Mabry Mill, located at Milepost 176.1. 

My great grandfather, E. Sanders Cox (born Elijah Sanders Cock) moved with his family from Meadows of Dan to Washington State at the age of 16.  Growing up in Meadows of Dan, he would take the family corn to be milled at the Mabry Mill.  My great great grandfather, David Willam Cox, led the journey west – but not before building the barn, which still sort of stands.

You can just see the top of the barn in the middle of this photo taken from atop Turnip Patch Ridge, above cousin Cecil and Polly Cock’s home.  The original house on that property was taken down many, many years ago, but this picture of that house includes Dave and Mary Cock with Sanders and Violet in front.

Every year I hear a few more interesting stories about my family.  Another time I will share the story I heard about who my great grandfather was named after – the origin of the ‘Elijah Sanders.’

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