off and running – almost

I’m getting ready to travel to Rwanda.  This trip has been in the works, but the departure date has changed at least a couple of times.  After a week and a half in Rwanda, a necessary side trip will include Cape Town, Maputo, and Lusaka (with yet a side side trip to Chipata.)  I never thought there would be a time when I would be tired of travel.  I have experienced that a handful of times in my career.  Last summer was one of them.  The hardest trips are where you are on the road for weeks, changing lodging every night or every other night.  Packing and repacking your bags every day wears on you.  The level of travel these past 12 months has been quite enjoyable.  I’m reasonably refreshed and anxious to get on the road again.

This photo was taken by a travel colleague last August.  It was taken in Ghana at a village cassava processing factory.  I sat down to get out of the sun and rest a moment.  These are the best moments of my work – joking around with kids, meeting farmers, sharing ideas with small business owners . . . ‘off the beaten path’ life.

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