Mecca-Taif escarpment road

(From the drive between Jeddah and Taif in December)

6500 feet elevation change and 93 dramatic turns.  Constructed by the Bin Laden Construction group, specializing in mountain road construction.

The Ramada Al-Hada has a prime location at the top of the road.  Baboons live right at the top of the escarpment road as well and there are a couple of overlook turn-offs where the baboons congregate to sit on cars and wait to be fed.

[It is important to note that I have vertigo and was holding on for dear life the entire drive up and down this road!!!]

The town at the top is Al-Hada, which is also an agricultural area.  The farmers in Al-Hada have imported french distilling equipment for their own rose essence production.  I will eventually put up another post on some point on the Taif area rose production.

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  1. abdul says:

    Nice snaps & comments , beautiful views
    i liked it……………………………….bye

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