Audio entertainment for the road

I’ve been traveling now for about a month and I have at least another month to go (and a couple more countries!)

Audio entertainment can be just the ticket, unwinding at the end of the day, maybe listening while packing for the next leg of the trip, or something for the short plane or long bus rides between cities.

In addition to iTunes, where I regularly download a couple of podcasts (one of my favorites is ‘The Splendid Table’ from American Public Media), a favorite find is the Internet Archive.  In particular, the Old Time Radio area where you can download episodes from gems like ‘Let George Do It’, ‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘Have Gun Will Travel’, and ‘Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.’

The Internet Archive has audio books, video, radio, text, other audio, and even movies.  It is a non-profit based in San Francisco building an internet library of free materials.

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