Cabin interiors

As requested – photos of the cabin interiors.  Some of these photos are from the previous owner.  I have yet to really ‘furnish’ as I want to go slowly.  In a small space you  need just the right pieces to make it homey.  (I’m currently sleeping on the floor, surrounded by dog beds for the beasts.)

Winter Cabin:

Summer Cabin:

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2 Responses to Cabin interiors

  1. Raine K. says:

    Squeeeeeeee!!! These are so adorable and exactly the pictures I had in my head. Because of our purge we have a few holes furniture-wise – but I’m waiting until we find the perfect fit.

    • I stopped at a thrift store today and found just the right size bureau for my little cabin – a table/storage. I was going to go to IKEA when I get to the big city, but this is just the right piece! So at least one personal item down.

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