From Riyadh to Madinah

We drove the roughly 500 miles from Riyadh to Madinah on Friday, November 4th.  The road is expressway the entire way and in great condition.

Traffic was relatively light and got even less on subsequent days, during the Eid holidays, and as we headed towards smaller cities and towns.

We didn’t stop along the way to take photos, so these are just a few that show the varied terrain we passed – dirt, sand, rocks, and the occasional center pivot (circle.)  Along all of the expressways, there are fences to keep people from driving off into the desert – actually a favorite pass time here.  I suppose this is because of the speed of an expressway, versus a normal highway.

One has to wonder sometimes what the camel herds are eating out there!

One great thing were the really large ‘sculptures’ in roundabouts or at exits.  This overpass had giant arab coffee pots and cups on either side.

And there were multiple ‘camel overpasses’ along the way.  I suppose with a fenced expressway, there must be means of moving camels from one grazing area to the next.

The terrain got a bit more rocky and then downright harsh as we neared Madinah.

And finally we arrived – parking within sight of the Prophet’s Mosque.

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2 Responses to From Riyadh to Madinah

  1. Ron and Saundra Worsham Mom and Dad says:

    Wonderful. I can’t imagine what the camels are eating. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. yasmin says:

    that last picture is really something, charity. i love the contrast of the parking lot with the glowing lights in the distance. the last and only time i was there was when i was 8, and i remember really and sincerely loving that city.

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