World Toilet Day

In celebration of World Toilet Day, I thought I would share a couple of photos of our composting outhouse on our Oregon place.

An opinion piece at CNN brought World Toilet Day to my attention.  Given the many variations of toilets that I have both used and actively avoided in my travels, one of the hypotheses put forward in this opinion (that really resonates) is the need to focus the marketing of sanitation and toilets as aspirational.  At least in Africa, everyone is an aspirational consumer and I can only imagine if toilets were marketed as such . . .

The caretaker has since put a basic door on the toilet and maybe I will get creative and paint it at some point.  It has been an education to learn more about composting toilets – particularly after all of the sanitation messaging one is bombarded with in the developing world.  For more information on the practicalities of ‘humanure’, check out the Humanure Handbook; available in free as a pdf.

Happy World Toilet Day and enjoy your porcelain throne or plywood seat (if you have access to one)!

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