Let’s play ‘Name that tree’

Having just spent the better part of two weeks out on our Oregon property, I’ve had time to really enjoy the young orchard on the place.  It is both a joy and a frustration.  At some point prior to our acquisition of the place, the previous owner had planted many fruit trees and berry bushes.  They are in a semi-natural environment and many have been overgrown.  Goats, also at some point in the past, ravaged the poor orchard and the majority of fruit trees suffered – with the grafted portions dying back.  The vast majority of berries appeared to have survived and many of the fruit root stock bounced back with sprouts.  The challenge and frustration is trying to identify the appropriate fruit stock which we can then prune and clean up – hopefully grafting new production varieties on top.

So for the first installment of ‘name that tree’ – I will share photos of two trees.  Hopefully ya’ll can look at the photos and help identify the varieties/root stock – so we can figure out what types of fruit we can graft on top of the roots.

Tree number one (I suspect is an apple):

Tree number two:
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2 Responses to Let’s play ‘Name that tree’

  1. Gordon says:

    1. apple 2. plum

  2. Gordon says:

    I agree that 1 is some sort of apple. You probably have to wait until it fruits to identify it. Number 2 looks like a plum.

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