Name that tree – yes, the search goes on

A bit of success with the last post – Tree number 6 is some sort of dogwood.  I’m voting for Cornelian Cherry because it is clearly a planted tree and the nursery where I believe at least some of the trees were purchased sells it (along with a Chinese dogwood, but a fruiting cornelian cherry makes sense in a fruit orchard setting.)

On to more of the unidentified trees; we have ones blooming this time (we will watch for any fruit, but in the meantime . . .):

Tree 7

Tree 8

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2 Responses to Name that tree – yes, the search goes on

  1. Gordon says:

    Sweet Cherry, Prunus avium, and an apple.

    • Thank you so much for your help. I’m so excited to finally be getting closer to figuring out this orchard. I’m going to continue to post photos – maybe three or so more posts to get them all covered.

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