Definition: mid•dling
1. medium, moderate, or average in size, quantity, or quality.
2. mediocre; ordinary; commonplace; pedestrian.
4. moderately; fairly.

a middling life is a view into one attempt to live an average life, and share adventures, musings, and useless trivia with family and friends.

“And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way, so that [with your lives] you might bear witness to the truth before all mankind.”  Quran, Surah Baqarah verse 143.

How do – I’m Charity.  Currently based in Federal Way, WA.  I moved away from a community garden plot in Washington, DC to be closer to our forest property in SW Oregon (though I’m not close enough to visit as frequently as I would like.)  For the past 6 years I occasionally earn paychecks (and travel the globe) as an agribusiness and international development consultant for various clients.

My family farms in eastern Washington State – and I definitely have an affinity for all things rural.  Well, maybe not the mullet . . .