Name that tree – Seventh post

Only a few more unidentified trees!  Thanks for all of the help!  This first one I think looks completely unique.  And the second is one of the few that appears fully alive and relatively vibrant above the graft.

Tree 15

Tree 16

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3 Responses to Name that tree – Seventh post

  1. waldeneffect says:

    15 is autumn olive, or a close relative. It’s a bad invasive around here, but people used to plant the species before they knew better. I’d rip it out and keep ripping it out until it really dies.

    16 is a cherry.

  2. Thank you so much, Anna. I will rip out the autumn olive. I need at least one more peach anyway, so can use the space. I’m ripping out some aspens to plant mediterranean olives (and hopefully pomegranates at some point soon.)

  3. MikeH says:

    Tree 15 may be Elaeagnus multiflora or goumi. It’s closely related to Elaeagnus umbellata but it’s not invasive. Goumi fruit is much larger. If it is Elaeagnus umbellata, it may not be invasive in your area. The specimen that you have is large enough to produce seedlings. Check around your property to see if you have more. If not and it is Elaeagnus umbellata, I’d keep it. From experience, I can tell you that the fruit makes a fantastic jelly. See

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